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Taste Africa On Your Plate!

Welcome to Africa on Your Plate! 

I am delighted that you passed by!  You are obviously interested in African food! Browse through and pick up some ideas for when you next entertain.  Your guests will be pleasantly surprised that you included  some of these scrumptious African recipes and you are sure to be a  satisfied host!  Make them with friends and family (including the children) and be flexible to make substitutes wherever possible to suit your palate. Above all, enjoy making them and experience what it means to taste Africa on Your Plate!

Happy Entertaining!



The Ubiquitos West African Jollof Rice

Happy Entertaining!

Monica Serwah Busia


13.04.2016 00:40

Abena Carl

I love this, entertaining in Ghana with a classy twist!

31.07.2016 00:29


Thanks Abena, this is a big boost for the site!

23.03.2016 17:40

Kwajo Ofei

This is so mouth watering,I can't wait to come and enjoy some.

31.07.2016 00:32


Lol, Kwajo Ofei, most welcome, pass by whenever you are around!

11.03.2016 14:59


I love the colors chosen to build the Blog. They are so harmonious to the eyes. The food presentation, unlike others l have seen of other Food Bloggers are beautifully and delicately presented. (Y)

31.07.2016 00:34


Aww Mefi, that's kind! Thank you so much!

07.03.2016 10:31


Great idea. I love it!!!

31.07.2016 00:37


Sorry to comment late Sophie, very grateful, thanks!