Feb. 27, 2016



I am delighted to have you aboard my African food ship and to finally do this  food blog!  The truth is that I have always dreamed of sharing my enthusiasm for the food that links me to my background with like-minded enthusiasts.  I am glad that it has finally happened. I hope that by the time you get off this ship, you would have, at the very least, learnt something about African food and picked up a couple which you would like to add to your entertaining food arsenal? That is the whole idea behind this blog- to let the world know that Africa does have scrumptious food to share with the world!   I must dash now, its my daughter's birthday and she wants to have an African dish in Dubai as part of her birthday breakfast!  Got to give her some recipes and some ideas.  See you next weekend when I will continue with my reasons for doing this blog!  Until then, have a great one and

Happy Entertertaining!

Monica Serwah Busia