Mar. 4, 2016

So where was I?

Welcome back!

So where was I?  Yes, I was talking about my reasons for this blog when my daughter’s call interrupted.  By the way, my daughter is vegetarian and the United Arab Emirates is the best place for vegetarian food as far as I am concerned, so it was not difficult to make her a suggestion. I recommended a simple vegetarian salad made up of her favourite vegetables on a bed of Pita bread. I also suggested washing that down with a refreshing cup of Nelson Mandela Cinammon and Cloves Home-made Spiced Tea which I created!  Yum!

Ok, so why this blog?  2 reasons:

  1. My love for cooking
  2. My experience abroad

Firstly, as far as I can remember my childhood, I loved to do two things; cook and sew!  I remember one faithful day when we had an impromtu visit from our aunties from the capital.  Our mother was at church. She was not known to come home early from church as she would stop and talk to everyone on her way home.  She was a friend, a counsellor, a confidant and an entertainer to many. 

Knowing that mum was not going to head directly home and the visitors could not be kept waiting without lunch, I braved it and decided to cook lunch.  I was scared!  You can imagine her face when she came through the sitting room and had a whiff of the food smells. She looked bewilded!  Fortunately, when she rushed to the kitchen and tasted the food, she was not angry (phew).  Rather, she raised her eye brows and that was very re-assuring and the start of my confidence for cooking.  See you next week when  I will tell you my second but more serious reason  for doing this blog. Until then, have a good weekend and

 Happy Entertaining!

 Monica Serwah Busia