May. 13, 2016

Bite-size Koose (Bean Fritters) for your Party!

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There is nothing like a snack that is guaranteed to fill you up.  That is exactly what Koose does.  No wonder it is so much loved all over the world, where it is made in different forms and called different names.

What is Koose? Koose, also known as Agau or Akra is made from powdered black-eyed beans or peas.  It is made into a loose batter and deep fried with a little bit of salt.  This is the basic Koose.  However, you can dress it up with various additions to make it  as elaborate as you like.   

 In Ghana Koose it is sold on the streets for breakfast, often served with “Awosa Koko” which is a porridge made from Millet and blended with local aromatic spices.  It makes Koose a great brunch dish which can be enjoyed anytime in the morning through to lunchtime.  It can be served as a stand-alone, as an accompaniment to other dishes or with porridge for breakfast.  Try this next time you entertain! You will never do without it, I promise!


Difficulty and Servings

Easy, generously serves 6

Preparation and Cooking times

Preparation time: 30 minutes; Cooking time:40 mins


You will need:

400g Bean Flour (Black-eyed Beans) or bean flour of choice

½ tsp powdered Pepper (ie Paprika, Cayenne, White Pepper etc)

1 medium sized Onion, minced

½ Bell Pepper, chopped (optional)

100g Powdered Prawn (optional)

500 ml warm Water

1 tbs Oil for the batter

500ml Oil for frying


  1. Pour the bean powder into a deep bowl.
  2. Add all the ingredients (except the oil for frying) and whisk constantly to aerate the batter.
  3. Heat the 500ml oil in a deep, non-stick pan on medium heat and when the oil is slightly smoky, drop @ ½ tbs of batter into the oil, frying in batches, a few at a time.  The fritters should soon come up to the surface of the oil.  If not, use a slide to gently scrape them up onto the surface.  Turn regularly and fry until golden brown. Remove onto a colander to drain.
  4.  Keep the fritters warm.  Serve immediately or serve hot with other dishes,  Crudités and a Dip of choice.

Monica’s Tip:

Please note that Koose can be made with flair, adding as much or as little meat pieces and vegetable pieces as suits your taste. If you are a vegetarian, please omit the powdered prawn and add some textured soya protein or vegetables like corn kernels and spring onions for an interesting twist and texture to this dish.If the batter becomes too thick, thin it out with a couple of teaspoons of warm water until you get a consistency that drops slowly from a spoon, not watery.

Let me know how you get on when you make Koose.  Please drop me a line through

Happy entertaining!

Monica Serwah Busia