Jul. 20, 2017


Organic Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers

          Colour-changing Blue Tea         

(Clitoria Ternatea)

Caffeine-free Herbal Tea


What is Blue Tea and why should you be drinking it?

Organic dried Butterfly Pea flower tea (Blue Tea) is a natural, blue flower tisane (herbal tea) and a health tea. It is a unique tea because of its colour-changing properties.   It is alkaline by nature so it turns purple to pink when lime or lemon (acid) is added to it.  It is a fancy tea that you can impress your guests with and enjoy because of its numerous health benefits.  Blue Tea also serves as a natural food die and can be used in cooking, making cocktails, mocktails and in baking.

Uses for Blue Tea

As a herbal tea, as a natural food dye and as a caffeine-free health tea


Butterly Pea Flower tea has a woody, earthy flavour which is enjoyable.  Some people think it tastes much rather like green tea but why not try it and see what you think?  You will be pleasantly surprised!


Some Health Benefits

Packed with higher antioxidants.  Protects the skin and prevents pre-mature aging & wrinkles

An excellent drink for fatigue. Improves night vision among other impressive benefits.


Suggestions for Making Blue Tea

  1. Put about 7 or 8 flowers in a standard tea cup or 12 to 14 flowers in a larger mug and top with freshly boiled water. Steep for 3-5 minutes or until desired colour is reached.
  2. Enjoy as-is, with a little honey or a slice of lemon or lime
  3. Note colour-changing from blue/purple to pink as more lime or lemon is added.  Try it!


Natural Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers


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