Jan. 28, 2018

Make It as Easy as Sunday Morning!

Welcome Back!

Belated Happy New Year to you!  It's been a while since I came on this platform!  It has been hectic dealing with many competing issues relating to different projects I have undertaken.  My cooking passion had to be rested for a bit.  I hope you had a good Christmas and the new year is so far what you have been looking for? 

I wanted to say hello today and to briefly discuss with you a thought that entered my mind this morning as I entered the kitchen thinking of what to cook for breakfast.  A small voice inside me said "Go create" so that is what I did.  I understood that to mean, Monica, its Sunday morning, put together whatever you have, in as beautiful a way as you can, and let it be enough. 

The truth is that the voice was right.  Sundays, and especially Sunday mornings are not meant for serious food calculations and food programming.  Sunday is the one day in the week where you should relax and make something which is simple, fun and creative and with little or no cooking involved if possible.  Put together whatever you have and let it be enough!  Use the microvave, wash the remaining salad in the fridge and cut up the rest of the bread for toast. Then put together a simple but fetching dish which the whole family can talk about and enjoy! 

Happy Sunday Cooking!