Jan. 28, 2018


Sweet Potato Flatbread Sandwich with Salad


26.10.2021 09:04

Holly Hooper

I’ve made a lot of similar recipes in my slow cooker. I wouldn’t be able to survive with out my slow cooker. Thanks for sharing your recipes.
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15.10.2021 11:06


Thank you very much Jayme Silvestri for your comment, You are welcome to link over to this post, Good luck with your 31 Days of Creative Homemaking! Sounds exciting!

10.10.2021 13:39

Jayme Silvestri

This is a great tip! I am writing 31 days of creative homemaking and I have a slow cooker tips post coming up! Will definitely link over to this post! Gotta love that slow cooker…such a miracle worker

25.08.2021 09:42

Kelly Hubbard

That looks so fresh and tasty!! I am actually not a fan of cilantro at all, although I sure wish I was right now!<a href="https://bestdarknetmarketslinks.com/">Kelly Hubbard</a>

25.08.2021 10:31


Thanks Kelly for your lovely comment!

09.06.2021 08:09

Harold Burton

This chicken looks so beautifully succulent and flavourful, and coriander and lime is such a great flavour combination. Love your suggestion for turning this into a salad to. Yum!

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08.10.2020 06:23

Hannah Flack

You are so talented and patient!! I'm sharing some of your treats tomorrow on my blog. Thanks so much for linking up to my Red, White, Blue & You Link Party! I always love everything you make!

31.12.2019 05:58

Rose Martine

Absolutely wonderful! I am in love with this recipe and I love your photography too. Thumbs up on this one!
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